16 April 2016

[Must Be Watched] 10 Years Ago, These Anime Series Aired Alongside Death Note

01. Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch

The Empire of Britannia has invaded Japan using giant robot weapons called Knightmare Frames. Japan is now referred to as Area 11, and its people the 11's. A Britannian who was living in Japan at the time, Lelouch, vowed to his Japanese friend Suzaku that he'd destroy Britannia. Years later, Lelouch is in high school, but regularly skips out of school to go play chess and gamble on himself. One day, he stumbles on terrorists 11's who've stolen a military secret and is caught by a member of the Britannian task force sent after them, who is Suzaku. As the rest of the squad arrives, Suzaku is shot for disobeying orders, while the military secret, a young girl, gives Lelouch the power of Geass, which makes anyone obey any order. While Suzaku is secretly made the pilot of Britannia's brand new prototype Knightmare, Lancelot, Lelouch becomes the masked Zero to lead the rebellion to destroy Britannia once and for all.

02. Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl

Hikari is a 10 year old girl that wants to be a top coordinator just like her mother. She recieves the starting Pokemon - Pochama, after saving it from an Ariados's attack. Meanwhile, after conquering the Battle Frontier and motivated by his old rival Shigeru, Satoshi sets off to the far away land of Shin'ou. Once there, he meets Hikari and is reunited by his old friend Takeshi. Hikari - aiming to be top coordinator, and Satoshi - aiming to be a Pokemon Master and battle in the Sinnoh League, venture in the land of Shin'ou...Meeting lots of new Pocket Monsters, "Pokemon" for short, along the way.

03. Death Note

Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind. One day he finds the "Death Note": a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues...

04. D.Gray-man

Allen Walker, a young man with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent out by his command to purge the world from humans. Allen Walker uses an anti-akuma weapon, Innocence, to counter the Earl's attempts at destroying humanity. He travels to the Black Order by his mentor's directions. There he meets with others who also fight against the Milleneum Earl's plans. But more questions start to appear as Allen and his friends move further along to reach their goal. And these questions that seem to connect to Allen's past.

05. Black Lagoon

Okajima Rokuro is a Japanese businessman…in a town full of Japanese businessmen. His normal day consists of social drinking with clients and being kicked around by his bosses. He finally gets a break though, as he’s sent by his company to the tropical seas of Eastern China to deliver a disc…only his boat gets hijacked by a band of mercenaries that were hired to steal it. “Rock” (as he is newly dubbed by his captors) catches the interest of the only female merc “Revy” as she thinks he’s worth a ransom, taking him hostage. However, the disc turns out to be more trouble than its worth, and complicates things both for Rock, and the mercenaries known as Black Lagoon.

06. Negima

10-year old Negi Springfield is a wizard-in-training, and needs only to pass one more test in order to become a Master Wizard. Unfortunately, his final task is a bizarre one- to become a English teacher at an all-females boarding school. As soon as he arrives, he completely embarasses one of his students, Asuna Kagurazaka, and replaces the teacher she loves, which garners her hatred. To make matters worse, Asuna learns that Negi is a wizard,and promises to tell unless he helps her out. But, unfortunately, circumstances force them to work together to do many things, from fighting evil wizards to helping the class pass their final exam, with a lot of humor, magic, and romances thrown in.

07. Kanon

Changing schools is something Yuuchi is accustomed to, due to his parent’s profession, and with their recent venture to Africa, he is returning to his aunt’s home after 7 years. The time that has passed since his last visit has faded his memories of the people he knew, and the ties that bonded them to him, including his cousin Nayuki. Slowly those people, coincidently all being girls, find their way back to him. However, time has passed and things have happened in their own lives that sets the tone for the series. Secrets that are coming to surface, and memories that are returning to not only Yuuichi, but to those surrounding him.

08. Busou Renkin

One night, Kazuki Muto jumps in to try to save what he thinks is a girl in distress from a monster and instead gets impaled through the heart. The girl, Tokiko, is actually an alchemic warrior with a Busou Renkin, name of Valkerie Skirt, with the mission to exterminate Homunculi. She implants the only other successful work of alchemy than the Homunculus, the Kakugane, to take the place of Kazuki's heart. The Kakugane resonates with his fighting spirit and forms a Busou Renkin (in his case a spear) so he can fight the Homunculus monsters who prey on humans. Kazuki joins with Tokiko to battle with the Homunculi and protect his friends and his sister Mahiro.

09. Jigoku Shoujo [Hell Girl]

Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet, there's a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight. Known as the Jigoku Tsushin, rumor has it that if you post a grudge there, the Jigoku Shoujo will appear and drag whoever torments you into the inferno. Very little is known about the girl—all we know for sure is that she lives with her equally enigmatic grandmother, that three magical straw dolls accompany and serve her, and that whenever a posting on the Jigoku Tsushin moves her, she becomes the Jigoku Shoujo.

10. Katekyou HITMAN REBORN

Tsuna is a hapless youth with low test scores and lower self esteem. His mother hires a tutor to help Tsuna out, but it comes as a surprise to the both of them when the tutor is a baby named Reborn, claiming to be from the Mafia. Reborn informs Tsuna that he's the next heir to the Vongola family mafia family and tries to help Tsuna reach the goal. Reborn possesses the Dying Will bullet, which kills a person and brings them back to life to fulfill the last regret they had, and even works to get Tsuna some henchmen to make him a true mafia boss-in-training.

11. Kekkaishi

Yoshimori Sumimura, a 14-year-old junior high school boy, is a Kekkaishi, an exterminator of monsters. He is vying with Tokine Yumikura to be the heir to the Sumimura clan. Tokine is older than he, and she is his childhood friend as well as his rival Kekkaishi. To save people from danger, and to make himself stronger, Yoshimori fights against monsters.

12. NHK ni Youkoso! [Welcome to NHK!]

Satou Tatsuhiro, a 22 year old young man, is a NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) and a hikikomori (meaning acute social withdrawal). He believes everything around him is a conspiracy, including the reason why many people, himself included, become hikikomori. Due to this, Satou creates a strange conspiracy theory which includes the Nihon Hikikomori Kyōkai (NHK), a secret organization with the intention of producing a hikikomori filled world. Satou intends to break free from the NHK's clutches, but cannot, since he finds it too frightening to go outdoors by himself; that is, until he meets Misaki Nakahara, who selects Satou for her "project" that she claims will cure him of his hikikomori ways.

13. NANA

Nana Osaki is a guarded and ambitious young woman with a strong will and a rough past. She is the vocalist for a punk band called Black Stones and she desires fame and recognition more than anything else. Nana Komatsu is an outgoing and flighty young woman with a weak will and a stable past. Her life revolves around her desire to find love and marriage. The two meet for the first time while traveling to Tokyo - in pursuit of their respective dreams - and they later decide to be roommates. Although drastically different people, the two become very close and together they find out if their biggest dreams have room for their best friend.

14. Eyeshield 21

Kobayakawa Sena is a little guy who always get picked on by the bullies in school. Since elementary school, he always play the role of the 'errand boy' to the extent that he has become swift and fast in his movements. Coincidentally, Hiruma Youichi and Kurita Ryukan are looking for a fast running back for their American Football team (Amefuto) and want to put Sena in the team. To hide their new 'star' player from the eyes of other High Schools, Hiruma encases Sena in a Amefuto helmet with a dark visor and name him Eyeshield #21.

23 Maret 2016

[Must Be Watched] 8 Japanese Anime Movies

Japan is the animation best-maker in the world. Whatever animation they make, it is so different, so touching, and so “wow!” In Japan, anime is the short term of animation. They have great industry for it, moreover many geniuses animator.

Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, are among well-known anime series that have been created. Moreover, those anime series have their own movies that are well-known around the world. However, do you know that there are anime movies that are worth to watch besides I mentioned above? Here, I give you the examples.

1. Perfect Blue
Plot summary: Pop idol Mima quits her group in order to pursue an acting career. But not everyone is happy, especially a crazed fan that stalks her. People around her are being murdered and Mima starts to lose her sanity. (ANN)

2. The Girl who Leapt Through Time
Plot summary: When 17-year-old Makoto Konno gains the ability to, quite literally, "leap" backwards through time, she immediately sets about improving her grades and preventing personal mishaps. However, she soon realises that changing the past isn't as simple as it seems, and eventually, will have to rely on her new powers to shape the future of herself and her friends. (ANN)

3. Colorful

Plot summary: Upon reaching the train station to death, a dejected soul is informed that he is 'lucky' and will have another chance at life. He is placed in the body of a 14-year-old boy named Makoto Kobayashi, who has just committed suicide. Watched over by a neutral spirit named Purapura, the soul must figure out what his greatest sin and mistake in his former life was before his time limit in Makoto's body runs out. He also has a number of other lesser duties he must complete, such as understanding what led Makoto to commit suicide in the first place and learning how to enjoy his second chance at life. (ANN)

4. A Letter to Momo

Plot summary: Following the death of her father, who left her a letter that never got beyond a greeting, Momo struggles to come to terms with her grief and guilt, and finds herself distanced from her mother. When the two move to a new home on a remote island in the Japanese Inland Sea, Momo befriends a young boy and his perceptive younger sister, a timid postman and three rascally goblins. With their help Momo prepares to take the plunge into her new life on the island. (ANN)

5. Wolf Children

Plot summary: Hana is a 19-year-old student who falls in a "fairy-tale like" love with a "wolf man". Over the course of the 13-year story Hana gives birth to two children—older sister Yuki, and younger brother Ame, or "Snow and Rain". At first the family quietly lives in city trying to hide their wolf heritage, but when the "wolf man" suddenly dies Hana makes the decision to move to a rural town, far from their previous city life. (ANN)

6. Metropolis

Plot summary: Kenichi and his detective uncle, Shunsaku Ban, leave Japan to visit Metropolis, in search of the criminal, Dr. Laughton. However, when they finally find Dr. Laughton, Kenichi and Shunsaku find themselves seperated and plunged into the middle of a larger conspiracy. While Shunsaku searches for his nephew and explanations, Kenichi tries to protect Tima (a mysterious young girl), from Duke Red and his adopted son Rock, both of whom have very different reasons for wanting to find her. (ANN)

7. Blood: The Last Vampire

Plot summary: Teropterids are evil beasts which pose as humans and live only to drink human blood. Fortunately for the human world there are groups dedicated to destroying them. A brooding and mysterious girl named Saya is the best teropterid slayer there is, and now, in 1960's Japan, she is sent to a U. S. army base which may be infested... (ANN)

8. Redline

Plot summary: Every 5 years the race called "Redline" is held at a surprise location revealed shortly before the race begins. This time around it's being held on Roboworld, much to the dismay of Roboworld's militant government which has no intention of allowing the race to proceed. The race has no rules—whoever crosses the Redline first, wins. Sweet JP is a rare breed of racer who prefers retro style and raw power over high tech gadgets and weaponry. Troubled by their involvement with the mob, Sweet JP and his team just want a clean shot at winning the race. Sonoshee McLaren is a skilled and highly competitive rising star in the racing circuit. She beat JP in the last qualifier and caught his eye. Up against lethal hostility from Roboworld's government and their fellow racers, JP and Sonoshee are pushed to their limits in the race for the Redline. (ANN)

18 Februari 2016

Frasa Bahasa Jepang yang Berguna Bagi Pemula (Bagian Akhir)

Inilah bagian akhir dari rangkaian beberapa Frasa Bahasa Jepang yang Berguna Bagi Pemula. Semoga frasa ini dapat membantu para pemula dalam mempelajari Bahasa Jepang. Belajar bahasa intinya adalah praktik dan kebiasaan. Semakin banyak dipraktikan akan semakin terasah kemampuan kita dalam mempelajari suatu bahasa.

Bagian akhir ini adalah mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih. Mungkin kalian sudah pernah mendengarnya atau mempraktikannya.

·      Terima kasih banyak atas semuanya.
いろいろとありがとうございます。 (= iro iro to arigatou gozaimasu.)

·      Saya merasa senang. Sampai ketemu lagi di pelajaran selanjutnya.
とても楽しかったです!また次のレッスンお会いしましょう。 (= totemo tanoshi katta desu! Mata tsugi no ressun de oai shimashou.)

·      Saya merasa senang bercakap-cakap denganmu.
(あなたと話せて)とても楽しかったです。 (= [anata to hanasete ] totemo tanoshi katta desu.)

·      Saya mendapat banyak pelajaran hari ini. Terima kasih banyak.

今日は大変勉強になりました。ありがとうございます。 (= kyou wa taihen benkyou ni narimashita. arigatou gozaimasu.)

Frasa Bahasa Jepang yang Berguna Bagi Pemula (Bagian 6)

Bagi pembelajar Bahasa Jepang tingkat dasar, membaca huruf hiragana maupun katakana adalah sesuatu yang wajib. Namun, jika huruf ini dibentuk ke dalam kanji, tentu sulit bagi pemula. Di bagian 6 ini, ada beberapa frasa untuk mengungkapkan/menyatakan jika kita mengalami kesulitan membaca tulisan kanji. Biasanya, dalam tulisan tertentu, aksara hiragana atau katakana, ditampilkan di atas huruf kanji untuk mempermudah pembaca memahami artinya. Namun, dalam konteks tertentu, aksara hiragana atau katakana tidak ditampilkan, misalnya di surat kabar, papan pengumuman, dan sebagainya.

·      Bagaimana saya mengucapkan ini?
それをどう表現したらいいでしょうか? (= sore wo dou hyougen shitara ii deshou ka?)

·      Itu adalah satu-satunya frasa yang bisa saya ungkapkan.
それは、私が思い付く唯一のフレーズです。 (= sore wa, watashi ga omoitsuku yuiitsu no freezu desu.)

フレーズ (= fureezu)” bisa juga diganti dengan “言葉 (= kotoba)” yang berarti “kata.”

Kalau kamu kesulitan mau mengungkapkan sesuatu, bisa menggunakan “あの。。。” (= ano…) atau “えっと。。。” (= etto…). Artinya sama halnya dengan “anu…” atau “maaf/permisi”. Dalam anime ataupun drama Jepang sering terdengar kata ini.

15 Februari 2016

Frasa Bahasa Jepang yang Berguna Bagi Pemula (Bagian 5)

Di bagian 5 ini masih berhubungan dengan bagian sebelumnya. Di bagian ini, aka nada beberapa frasa untuk bertanya atau menerangkan frasa/kata apa yang seharusnya digunakan dalam percakapan. Kata-kata dalam Bahasa Jepang, jumlahnya sangat banyak. Penggunaannya juga disesuaikan dengan konteks supaya dalam percakapan terlihat lebih wajar dan bisa saling memahami antara penutur dan lawan bicara.

·      Apakah wajar menggunakan “…”?
「。。。」を、よく使いますか? (= “…” wo, yoku tsukaimasu ka?)

·      Dalam bahasa Jepang, frasa itu sering digunakan.
それは、日本語でよく使われるフレーズです。 (= sore wa, nihongo de yoku tsukawareru freezu desu.)

·      Mana yang lebih sering digunakan dalam percakapan?
会話では、どちらがより使われますか? (= kaiwa dewa, dochira ga yori tsukawaremasu ka?)

·      Manakah yang terdengar lebih wajar dalam percakapan?
会話では、どういう言い方自然ですか? (= kaiwa dewa, dou iu ii kata ga shizen desu ka?)

·      Dalam situasi apa saya/aku seharusnya menggunakannya?
どういう状況で使えますか? (= do iu joukyou de tsukaemasu ka?)

·      Dalam situasi apa Anda/kamu menggunakan “…”?
「。。。」ってどういう状況で使いますか? (= “…” tte dou iu joukyou de tsukaimasu ka?)

·      … digunakan dalam percakapan.
。。。は会話では使います。 (= … wa kaiwa dewa tsukaimasu.)

·      … tidak digunakan dalam percakapan.
。。。会話では使いません。 (= … kaiwa dewa tsukaimasen.)

。。。会話では使われません。 (= … kaiwa dewa tsukawaremasen.)